Hello, I'm Selena, and welcome to in bloom, my trading collective! This site houses all of my TCGs I'm a member of, and all of the updates within. I try my best to update when I can ❤

I'm currently still on a hiatus as I catch up with TCGs!

Monthly Activity Log

November 04, 2023 -----
- Event Cards: ec-112023, ec-25members, ec-grandopening, ec-layout01, ec-autumn2023, ec-halloween2023
- Black Jack: poorlittlebear09, chthonicgods17, aquicknap08, bebopcrew01
- Card Claim: Claimed dogwalking11 and newdimension05
- Freebies: talkingflowers07, colorsofthewind15, kemonogami07, papawolfandthepuppy14, sakuraflight09, dogwalking14, newyearfireworks17, autumnbreeze20, intothedeepforest12, inazumamoonlight17, +5 films
- Lottery (One): autumngaze09, chthonicgods15, +4 films
- Upcoming Vote: harleyquinn02, kingoftheforest10, dreaminginsakura20, letitout01
- Hangman: dreameaters05, thelichking07, +4 films
- Lucky Match (Two Matches): aquicknap13, howlingguitarist03, honeysweets20, +4 films
- Telepathy: riverplay02, colorsofthewind07, riverplay11, goldencontract11
- Treasure Hunt: afternoontea15, goldencontract04, tallneckruins08
- War: willothewisps01, autumngaze16
- Inventory: Claimed afternoontea03, amethysteyes12, aquicknap09, autumnbreeze09, riverplay18, rarestflower05, dreameaters03, howlingguitarist04
- Slot Machine (Tier 1): howlingguitarist19, acottageinthewoods11, +2 films
- Wishes (Deck Color): noblevampire15, rabbitmeadow02, +2 films
- Freebies #1 (2023-11-01): aquicknap01, starlightwalk01, newmail01, traslidahighway05, loveless02, traslidahighway02, newmail02

October 18, 2023 -----
- Starter Pack: traslidahighway01, traslidahighway11, traslidahighway17, inazumamoonlight09, honeysweets03, boyband15, autumnbreeze05, kemonogami03, dreaminginsakura12, traslidahighway03
- Daily Login (2023-10-18): awakening18

October 19, 2023 -----
- Daily Login (2023-10-19): starsweets09
- Black Jack: starsweets17, positionzero10, traslidahighway07, thelichking12
- Freebies: dogwalking20, harleyquinn12, thelichking04, willothewisps06, autumnbreeze04, rabbitmeadow15, dreaminginsakura12, honeysweets20, starsweets13, floragala04, +5 films
- Lottery (One): birthdaytussle08, starmakerproduction10, +4 films
- Upcoming Vote: amethysteyes18, positionzero04, sakuraflight04, starlightwalk05
- Hangman: starlightwalk13, newyearfireworks16, +4 films
- Lucky Match (Two Matches): starsweets03, sakuraflight05, papawolfandthepuppy04, +4 films
- Telepathy: newdimension11, thelichking01, starmakerproduction06, acottageinthewoods08
- Treasure Hunt: boyband03, outlaws10, outlaws14
- War: aquicknap17, aquicknap16
- Slot Machine (Tier 1): starsweets04, sorrowfulkusabi10, +2 films
- Wishes (Double Game Rewards): dreameaters03, sakuraflight20, +2 films
- Gift (Starter Pack Bonus): mc-Selena, rabbitmeadow06, newmail07, ariskybite05, beautifulblossoms06, thelichking02, +10 films
- Inventory: Claimed starlightwalk10, starlightwalk13, starmakerproduction05, afternoontea01, aquicknap05, aquicknap19, awakening17, loveless01

Trimonthly Trade Log

November 04, 2023 -----
- Traded Inky: my acottageinthewoods08, thelichking04, thelichking12, mc-Selena for starmakerproduction08, starmakerproduction14, afternoontea06, mc-Inky
- Traded Jamie: my birthdaytussle08, boyband03, boyband15, inazumamoonlight09, mc-Selena for traslidahighway12, traslidahighway16, afternoontea15, dogwalking03, mc-Jamie
- Traded Emelie: my thelichking01, mc-Selena for afternoontea18, mc-Emelie
- Traded Yujing: my dreaminginsakura12, sakuraflight04, sakuraflight05, sakuraflight20, starsweets03, starsweets04, starsweets09, starsweets17, mc-Selena for traslidahighway04, traslidahighway09, starlightwalk14, starmakerproduction13, newdimension02, dogwalking17, dogwalking18, loveless16, mc-Yujing
- Traded Ouji: my ariskybite05, floragala04, mc-Selena for loveless09, loveless15, mc-Ouji

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