Hello, I'm Selena, and welcome to in bloom, my trading collective! This site houses all of my TCGs I'm a member of, and all of the updates within. I try my best to update when I can ❤

I'm currently still on a hiatus as I catch up with TCGs!

Cards on Hold

Pending Trades

- saya (pending since January 01, 2024)
dage-josephine08, dquest-builders05, dust-aetail04, meffect-fshepard03, meffect-fshepard04, meffect-fshepard06

- Samu (pending since January 02, 2024)
a3-juza13, acreed-syndicate15, acreed-syndicate20, coduty-ghost06, coduty-ghost19, coduty-soap18, dage-josephine17, dage-romances18, dage-tarots12